About BBN

About Bully by Nature

Think of a Pit Bull or an American bully approaching you as you’re walking up the sidewalk or even better entering the dog park while your French bulldog or Shih tzu is running loose… suddenly you feel intimidated, anxious, nervous and almost out of control just by comparing your poodles tiny frame to this beastly muscular machine. Once I started in the fitness industry working in a local gym, I felt like I was the “Bully” without even wanting to be labeled that way. A big guy with numerous tattoos and an athletic performance that most members at that gym didn’t have so every time I would approach a client or even be referred as a trainer they would be quick to judge and feel intimidated by my image. I once realized the positive side of this stereotypical behavior which was going on around me.. I had the power to stand out and have the peoples attention naturally and make them understand that not every Pit Bull or American bully is on the hunt to attack and intimidate others.Bully by nature fitness is not just a fitness brand, but also a lifestyle.. just like being a friendly Pit Bull or American bully that people are so quick to judge, once they walk into a room its presence is always felt, through my company I push my clients and friends to achieve a level of confidence that pushes them to walk in any social gathering or business meeting and make their presence known. Ain’t nothing wrong with being confident and making the ignorant, judgemental people uncomfortable.. It’s all about taking control and proving people wrong by bettering yourself.